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Geotrace Data Integration Services Ltd, formerly known as Tigress, is owned by Geotrace.

Geotrace Data Integration Services

Geotrace Data Integration Services logoGeotrace Data Integration Services Ltd is a software services and data management subdivision of Geotrace. We provide advanced data management services and tightly integrated software interpretation applications to the oil and gas exploration and production (E&P) industry.

Our signature product is Tigress, The Integrated Geoscience and Reservoir Engineering Software System. Continuously developed and refined since 1989, Tigress offers the industry the most tightly integrated data management and data interpretation system available.

Tigress: proven, integrated, user-friendly

The Tigress suite of geoscience applications is the most integrated solution available, and covers the entire spectrum of E&P interpretation. Find out about our leading-edge products.

An extensive range of E&P services and solutions

The Geotrace group offers valuable data management products and consultancy services to the E&P market.

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